Healthy Choices of Getting Faux Tanned Skin

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As soon as getting tanned skin tone became the trend of the year, the market suddenly gets flooded with numerous self-tanning products. Initially, the choices for it were restricted to chemical based formulas only but as its demand and popularity grew the companies and salons together started coming up with innovative ideas like Organic spray tan procedures. But is this the only healthy choice to look for or is there any other option too?


Well, here we are listing few other ways of getting a faux tan in a healthy way with a hope that you will love to explore these ideas.

Take a look:

· Self-tanning mousses

If you don’t like to wait for hours then self-tanning mousses are the perfect choice to get long lasting yet instant tanned look. For more hours you keep it, darker the color you will get. For an instant, for a light sun kiss glow keep it for an hour, and if you wish to get that dark bronze glow then apply it for 2 to 3 hours. This product is great for those who are still the learners (because it is easy to apply and does not create an unnecessary mess) and have normal to oily skin.


· Tanning moisturizers and lotions

This is also a great pick for the beginners but suits best to those who have normal to the dry and mature skin. Keeping your skin well moisturized and hydrated for long hours it will not let your skin look dry and patchy. Giving a golden glow to the pale, dull, flaky and dry skin, these tanning moisturizers and lotions are perfect choice to get an instant faux tan look.


· Spray tans

Giving a perfect even tinted and tanned look, the spray tans can only be used by those who are experienced enough to handle the whole procedure with expertise. Perfect for those who are already blessed with normal and smooth skin, the spray tans are the latest addition to the tanning product category.


From the gradual tanner to the instant faux tan treatment to long-lasting self-tanner; the above mentioned body bronzer products are the best choice pick to opt for.

Now, when you know the possibility of choices, we hope you will surely try other ways too besides just the organic spray tan. But before trying anything new on your skin make sure to check the ingredients thoroughly and also consult your dermatologist. Doing this will surely help you make a right choice.

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